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Bey Blade Now

Beyblades, a Japanese Phenomenon, Invade American Homes

AT a time when pretty much every toy includes a screen, buttons and batteries, the must-have diversion among elementary school children is positively primitive: a top. But not just any top. Exotically named plastic-and-metal tops called Beyblades. A Japanese phenomenon, these tops have erupted into American living rooms, with more than 30 million sold in the United States within the ...
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Toy Aisle Throw Down: Hasbro Vs. Mattel

The flurry of earnings this month has provided some seriously great fodder for the throw down, so let’s dive in–starting with legendary toy giants Hasbro and Mattel. Hasbro boasts iconic brands including Disney, Disney Princesses and Star Wars. On July 18, the business reported a second-quarter EPS beat of 41 cents, compared to the Street’s estimate of 39 cents. Shares ...
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‘Beyblade Evolution’3DS Promises More Swapping Than’Skylanders’

Hasbro HAS +0% desire to invigorate the Beyblade brand whilst the franchise comes to the 3DS for the very first time with Beyblade Evolution. The game supplies a simulation of the toy experience along with adding augmented reality and 3D visuals. I’ve spent the past week playing, researching and discussing Beyblades. If you’ll excuse a pun, my head is spinning. ...
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